Website Feature Enhancements

November - 2017

Military Skill Translator

Search titles from the Military Occupational Classification (MOC) system to find jobs that are equivalent to the armed services job title.

October - 2017

Saved Searches & Notifications

Save a customized job search to be used again or set up regular email notifications of new jobs matching your criteria.

Quarter 2 (April - June) - 2017

Favorite Jobs

Mark a job posting as a “favorite” and come back to it later in your account to apply for it.

Site Search

Find the information you're looking for on our website quickly using our new Site Search functionality, located at the top of every page.

Advanced Exam / Assessment Search

Find exams / assessments more easily using a combination of filters including Department, Classification, and Posting Time-frame.

Quarter 1 (January - March) - 2017

Job Search

Search and results page allows you to filter the results by department, job categories, location, salary range and more.  Results can also be sorted by relevancy, date, salary or title. The improved geographical search page shows the number of job postings in each county and will list all jobs available with a click of button.

Audience Based Navigation

Users can now find information geared to their needs with the new audience based navigation.  Selecting one of the five audiences – new state to state service, state employees, veterans, persons with disabilities, or state retirees – will direct you to specially selected information that we believe will be most helpful for you.

Career Based Searching

You can now find job vacancies based on your area of expertise, career path, or interest. By mapping our jobs with federal occupational groupings (ONet and SOC), you’ll be able to more easily find the job you are looking for, in the career want.

What’s New

Our “what’s new” section is back by popular demand.  This section will highlight upcoming exams and assessments, new job vacancies, or other relevant information. 


This new section gives state departments the ability to advertise important information – for example, a hard to recruit job – on the homepage.


Coming Soon...


A wizard navigator that will walk you through the hiring process from start to finish.